Pouran Jinchi, The Presidential Persian Carpet

Pouran Jinchi, The Presidential Persian Carpet

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The Presidential Persian Carpet, 2006
Digital Print on Archival Paper
50.8 x 50.8 cm
Edition of 30

Prints are sold unframed

Pouran Jinchi investigates language and its various forms. She finds the relation between words and forms, natural or non-objective, deeply intertwined. Initially borrowing from Iranian traditions, Pouran’s most recent work reflects an increasing focus on more unconventional methods of communication, such as codes and symbols. 

Every US President redecorating the Oval Office focuses on the carpet with the presidential seal. Pouran offers this design as an unsolicited gift to the White House. She merges the aesthetic elements of the seal with Iranian references, using the Iranian national export product, carpets.

Born in Mashhad, a sacred shrine city in Iran, Pouran Jinchi became attuned early in life to the ways architecture, objects, decoration, and the written word can be imbued with symbolic power. This awareness is threaded throughout her body of work, which explores the dense intersectionality of literary and pictorial narratives. 

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