Sahar Bardaie, Botanic Series Bade-Saba AW3

Sahar Bardaie, Botanic Series Bade-Saba AW3

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Botanic Series Bade-Saba AW3, 2021

Hahnemühle Photo Rag, 500 gsm 100% White Cotton

18 x 24.2cm

Edition of 10


Print Sold Unframed


Botanical series, Bade- Saba (Saba the Wind)

Artist started creating this series in 2019. Based on, study, research and process.

Her inspiration for this continuing series comes from studies related to one of the local beliefs in Iranian poetry and myths; the relationship between wind and plants that causes nature to flourish.

Sahar Bardaie is a Visual Artist, Contemporary Fiction Illustrator, Curator & Educator. Born in Tehran, Iran in 1977, she studied illustration (MA) and painting (BA) at Art and Architecture of Fine Art University of Tehran.